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Josie Slaton Terry

osie Slaton Terry  is a Motivational Speaker, Author, Songstress, Life Coach and founder/organizer of the Fabulous over Forty Networking and Aging Well Journey.  She has written three books: “Fabulous over Forty” , “The Authentic You” and (soon to be released) “The Forever Youngl Journey”.

Josie was born in Woodbury, Georgia to Marvin and Josephine Slaton. She is married to Clyde Terry, Jr. and she has four siblings (Melvin, Calvin, Aaron and Jean).  Josie learned the true values of life and sharing with others from her humble upbringing.

She has developed a FACEBOOK following under the name of her first book Fabulous over Forty . Josie enjoys sharing, uplifting and speaking with others regarding the “aging well journey” process.

You can enjoy Josie messages on her YouTube Channel under “The Age Well Journey”. It is a fast growing channel and she is receiving so many accelerates.

She shares her motivational “Aging Well” message to live with purpose at every age with so much enthusiasm and humor that she empowers her audience to a “feel good place” within, and that allows them to freely and  creatively rethink  their life.

It’s Your Time toRise and Shine!

Josie started the Fabulous Forty and More Networking Group in 2009. It was based on her book Fabulous over Forty.   The mission of the networking is to unite men and women 40 and over to develop like-minded friendship and the motivation to live their dreams at every age and stage of life.

Josie spends her time writing, speaking and putting together functions.  She brings  together the 40+ generation  to celebrate the the aging well journey.

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